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Create Access Database

Create Access Query

MailMerge Step 1 - Create Main Document

MailMerge Step 2 - Part A - Select Data Source

MailMerge Step 2 - Part B - Insert "Merge Fields" in Form Letter

MailMerge Step 3 - Merge

"Just-In-Time" Access Modules

Database software is the most complex, but the most powerful, microcomputer application software.

A database is a collection of data which are related. Data are collected, printed, sorted, archived, and displayed. Data can be exported to other applications from a database and data from other applications can be imported into a database.

In a database, the data are arranged in tables. We are going to create a database consisting of two simple tables. We will save and print the database.

We will then use our database in a mail merge activity using Microsoft Word.

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