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WORD 2000 Menu Check Spelling and Use Thesaurus - 3 Next Topic



  1. Learn to check Spelling
  2. Learn to use Thesaurus

Checking the Spelling in your document.

  1. Choose Tools/Spelling and Grammar.
Note the functions of each button.
  1. Correct the spelling errors or typos you might have made while creating your document.
  2. Save your work after making corrections.
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Using the Thesaurus.

  1. Select word to lookup using the Thesaurus. In this example, the word "lesson" was selected, but you may choose any word you like.
  2. Choose Tools/Thesaurus.
    1. Select replacement word from list.
    2. Click on the Replace button.

    Thatís all there is to using the Thesaurus.

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