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  1. Learn to change Font (text style and size)
  2. Learn to use Symbols (special characters)
  3. Learn to insert Bulleted & Numbered Lists

Changing Fonts in your document.

  1. Select the text to change by highlighting
  2. (dragging the mouse over the text).

  3. Choose Format/Font.

The following dialog box will appear.

    1. Select the Font Typeface (example, Times New Roman)
    2. Select the Font Style (example, Bold)
    3. Select the Font Size (small numbers represent small letters)
    4. Select underlining mode, text color, and special effects, (Superscript or Subscript, for example), if desired.
    5. Click OK
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Inserting Special Characters (Symbols)

Occasionally you will need to insert special characters called symbols into your document. Place the cursor at the location you wish to insert a symbol.

  1. Choose Insert/Symbol.
  2. The following dialog box will appear.

    1. Select Font Typeface. (Here we have selected Symbol, but there are typefaces for musical notation, mathematical notation.)
    2. Select the symbol you wish to insert into your document. Clicking on the symbol shows you an enlarged view as the arrow shown below.
    3. Click Insert.

  3. To enlarge or reduce the size of the symbol, highlight it in your document after the symbol has been inserted and change the Font Size.

The symbol shown below has been increased from 14 pt to 48 pt.


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Using Bullets and Numbering in your document

Occasionally you will want to list items in your document You may type the numbers yourself or WORD will number the list items for you.

  1. On the formatting Tool Bar, click on either the Number button or the Bullet button. Press Enter/Return after each list item.
  • As You
  • Type
  • The Items
  • Will Be
  • Bulleted
  1. Or
  2. Preceded
  3. With A
  4. Number

To change the appearance of bullets or numbers,

  1. select your list by highlighting the text.
  2. Choose Format/Bullets and Numbering.

The following dialog box will appear.

    1. Select from the Bulleted, Numbered, or Multilevel tabs.
    2. Select the bullet or number style you wish to use.
    3. Click OK.
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