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WORD 2000 Menu Inserting a Table in Your Document - 7 Next Topic



  1. Learn to Insert a Table in a document.
  2. Learn to Format a Table.
  3. Learn to perform Mathematical Operations using the Table.

Inserting a Table in your document.

  1. Save any work that you have.
  2. Choose File/New/Blank Document/OK to create a new document.
  3. Choose Table/Insert Table.
  4. The following dialog box will appear.

    1. Select 4 columns and 3 rows for your table.

    (Column width may be set in inches or fractions of inches, but choose Auto for now.)

    We will talk about Wizards and AutoFormatting later.

    Your table should look like the one below.

  5. Now type the following scores in your table for Andy, Betty, and Carl.

Your table should look like the one below.

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Formatting a Table.

  1. Choose Table/Table Autoformat.
  2. (The Autoformat dialog box is shown below.)

  3. Select from the list of possible formats.
  4. The one shown below is 3D Effects 1.

  5. Try changing some of the other options, as well.













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Using Mathematical Formulas in a Table.

  1. To calculate the sum of the test scores, move your cursor to the top row of the last column.
  2. Choose Table/Formula.
  3. The following dialog box will appear.

    1. In this case, you want to SUM the scores to the LEFT, so make sure the formula reads SUM(LEFT).
    2. Click OK.
    3. Repeat steps to calculate other sums in the last column.
    4. Your table should look like the one below.

    5. Save your table on floppy disk using File/Save As.
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