Access 2000 Query – Activity 2



  1. Learn to Create a query from two tables

Create a query from two tablesA query is the selection and/or joining of information from one or more tables.In this case we are going to create a query we can use to create letters for students concerning academic progress and grades.From the Database Main Window, select the Queries Selection from the menu at the left.Select NewSelect Design View
Click OKimage
A dialog box will open asking which table to include in the query.
Select StudentGrades
Select AddSelect StudentInformation
Select AddClick CloseBoth tables will be displayed in the Query window. (See below.)image
Now you will select the fields to place in the query.
Click on the StudentName field in the StudentGrade table.
Drag the selected item (StudentGradeStudentName) to the first column.Drag the StudentGrade/Grades to the next column.Drag the StudentInformation/Street to the next column.Drag the StudentInformation/City to the next column.Drag the StudentInformation/State to the next column.Drag the StudentInformation/Zip to the next column.Link the two tables together in the Query, by dragging the field they have in common (StudentName) from the StudentInformation table to the StudentName field in the StudentGrades table.Click on CloseClick Yes, you want to save your work.Give the Query the name, such as, StudentInformationAndGradesClose Access.
Note: Your database is automatically updated and saved as you exit out of Access.
Never shut Access down before saving.
Always exit out to save your work.