Changing Appearance of Slides



  1. Learn to change the look of a presentation by:
    1. Using a presentation template
    2. Changing Background Appearance
    3. Changing Color Scheme
    4. Using theAutocontent Wizard

Occasionally you will want to change the appearance of your presentation. You can do this in several ways.

Using the presentation template.Save any work that you have.Choose File/Open to open your PTA Meeting presentation if necessary.Choose Format/Apply DesignLocate the Presentation Design folder.Select a presentation template from the list.
(An example of the appearance of the slide will be displayed.
You may choose from a variety of colors and styles.)Click Apply
This will change the design of EVERY slide in your presentation.Top of PageChanging the Background Appearance of Your Slides.Choose Format/BackgroundClick the Drop-down List down arrow.Select a Color, if the color you like is displayed.Click on More Colors …, if you want the slide background to be a different color.Click on Fill Effects to select a special background effect.Select the Gradient tab for a two-tone gradiated background.Select the Texture tab to select from several available textures. (Paper, Marble, Fabric)Select the Pattern tab to select a two-tone pattern background. (Polka-dots, Plaid, Stripes)Select the Picture tab to select a picture for the background.Click Preview to see how your slide will look.Click Apply to apply changes to current slide only.Click Apply to All to apply changes to all slides.Top of PageChanging the Slide Color Scheme.Choose Format/Slide Color SchemeClick the Custom tab.
The following dialogue box will appear.Change Scheme ColorsClick on color of item, click on Change Colors…BackgroundText and LinesShadowsTitle TextFillsAccentAccent and HyperlinkAccent and Followed HyperlinkClick Apply to apply changes to current slide only.Click Apply to All to apply changes to all slides.Top of PageUsing the AutoContent Wizard.Select FileNewSelect the Presentation TabSelect AutoContent WizardOKFollow directions on screen, making selections as you go.Click Next to go to the next step in the process.Click Back to go back to a previous step in the process.Click Finish when you are done.