Creating a Letterhead


Creating a Letterhead

Activity 1


  1. Learn to create a Letterhead document using Page Wizard
  2. Learn about Margin and Layout Guides
  3. Learn about the Text Frame tool
  4. Learn to create a custom logo
  5. Learn to use help

Steps to follow

Creating a New File.

  1. From Microsoft Publisher, Choose File / Create New PublicationA tabbed dialogue box will appear.image
  2. Since our first document will be letterhead, select Full PageThe resulting screen will look like the one below.
  3. Review the parts of the Publisher window


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Layout Guides

Layout Guides appear as pink and blue lines on the screen.
These lines do NOT print out.
Layout guides are used to:

  1. Structure the document.
  2. Help documents consisting of multiple pages to have a consistent look.
  3. Align text and graphic objects.

The initial Layout Guides are set at the margins of the document.

To change the position of margin guides on current pages:

  1. Select Arrange / Layout guides
    1. Select placement of Margin Guides
      1. Left
      2. Right
      3. Top
      4. Bottom

To change the position of layout guides on entire document:

  1. Select View / Go to Background
    This enables you to change the layout guide settings for the whole document.
  2. Position the mouse over the guide you wish to move
  3. Hold down SHIFT, and DRAG the guide to its new position.

Our first task is to create letterhead stationary for Lincoln School.

The letterhead should have text containing the name, address, phone and FAX numbers of the school. This text will go at the bottom of each sheet of letterhead paper.

At the top of each sheet, we will place the logo and motto of Lincoln School.

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image To create the text area – foregroundSelect the text frame tool from the Publisher 97 toolbar.Draw a text area on the document by dragging out a rectangular area from upper-left to bottom-right.Type you text in the text frame.If the text is too small to read clearly, press F9 to zoom in so you can read the text. Text editing is done in this mode. Press F9 again to zoom out.Top of Pageimage To create a designer logoSelect the Page Wizard tool from the Publisher 97.
From the drop-down box, select logo
imageDraw an area for the logo on the document by dragging out a rectangular area from upper-left to bottom-right.Answer the questions the Page Wizard asks you concerning the design of your logo.
Your logo should look something like this. The appearance will vary depending on choices you made during the Page Wizard interview.
After you have finished the Page Wizard interview, your logo is visible on your document.
Click on the logo until you see the move symbol.
It looks like a little truck.Move your logo to the desired position on the letterhead paper.Top of PageTo use HelpClick on the Show Index and Show Help buttons.
This brings up an alphabetical list of help topics (Show Index) or
A step-by-step set of instructions to follow (Show Help)In the Keyword area of the index display, type Business cardsThe following display will appear.imageNote: Now you could click on
Create or open a business card” and learn how to create this type of document.We will create a business card in Activity 2.