The new technologies that are emerging in the world have directly impacted on the society; from the revolutionary changes in the entertainment industry to advances in science, medicine, and gambling. Like for example, The Tinder dating app helps you find love from your cell phone.

It is true that in recent years, many things have changed, and we can see that reflected even in the way we relate to other human beings. It seems that we are becoming more and more connected to each other but also more alone, and that is that the data are often revealing by ensuring that by 2020, there will be more than 50 billion mobile devices connected in the world.

The so-called Internet of things, in economic terms, will move more than 14.5 billion euros in the world. Because at the end of the day, which business or person wants to stay out of sales, purchases, and bets or online games. Companies such as Netflix and Spotify in their streaming mode have at least 47.3 million users equivalent to 57. 2% of internet users who can have only in a country like Mexico.

Currently, thousands of people pay monthly online subscriptions to get a service. What is needed is to have pages that guarantee secure payment methods so that when you make a monetary transaction, your money and personal data are protected by trusted platforms that take care of you and your money.

The change in technology has also been reflected in video games and gambling, where there is exponential growth year by year. For example: in 2018, Grand Theft Auto crowned the biggest launch in the entertainment industry in history as the entertainment element that has achieved more than a billion fastest sales and with more revenue generated in 24 hours.

For its part, the industry of games of chance, where luck might be all we find, with figures of each year are multiplied by a wager on the outcome of a sporting event or contests such as poker, or the slot machines that derive from the emergence of formats for virtual casinos that in the past year moved the equivalent of 1, 14 % of the GDP in Spain.

On average, this industry generates around 23 billion euros every minute, according to the General Direction of Ordination of the Game, since June 2011, the sector of virtual casinos was regulated and gave guarantees of security and transparency with which legally helped to strengthen the confidence and experience of the users who like to wager online.

Little by little more people join in playing online; even those who have never visited a casino have developed a taste for entertaining at any time and from anywhere. In case outside little has been implemented to the live broadcast for group games such as roulette, which makes you not miss the interaction with other players.

The democratization of internet access has led most people to conduct online monetary transactions. This is why before you enter your bank details on any page, you must make sure you know the sites that are safe as in the case of reliable online casinos in Spain and in any country in the world to keep your data and money safe.

We can certainly make the best of what it has brought us the technology and the changes it has brought to us, it is for this reason that we need to be informed about the evolution of the platforms in terms of security and services that we offer from year to year, as society as the laws change and adapt to this whole generation of people who no longer imagine life without the facilities that it provides a Smartphone.