Technology in Education III – EDU 508 – Course Outline


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Technology in Education III – EDU 508 – Course Outline


Strand 1:

Technology Operations and Concepts
In Strand I, the course participant will evaluate hardware and software for educational use,
then prepare analyses of their research.
In addition, each course participant will research the Michigan Curriculum Framework and the Michigan Technology Content Standards and incorporate these standards into a lesson plan.

Strand 2 – Part 1:

Instructional Design and Teaching, Learning, and the Curriculum
Internet Research,
Presentation Software,
Research Dissemination
are the key topics covered in Strand 2.
Course participants will create lesson plans and learning modules to teach students
1) how to conduct Internet research;
2) how to present their research; and
3) how to disseminate their research results.

Strand 2 – Part 2:

Social, Ethical, Legal, and Human Issues in Technology
Course participants will design, develop, and present a set of guidelines for students regarding the appropriate use of technology in the school setting. The guidelines should include safety, health, legal, and ethical issues.

Strand 3:

Assessment and Evaluation
Course participants will use
Michigan Curriculum Framework,
the Michigan Technology Content Standards, and
the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)
to develop an assessment and evaluation plan to use in the evaluation of student performance concerning the three lesson plans designed in Strand II.

Strand 4 – Part 1:

Productivity and Professional Practice
Course participants will design and develop four projects to
1) Increase productivity and facilitate classroom and school management;
2) collaborate with peers to share ideas and projects;
3) enhance the teaching and learning process;
4) improve communication with students, parents, peers, and the school and local communities.

Strand 4 – part 2:

Distance Education and Communication Technology
Course participants will design and develop methods to share research and present projects to their students, community and peers.